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Fiber Freaks ORIGINAL is a major upgrade from their original product made from cellulose fibres. The raw material is a lyocell from wood pulp, made from a non-toxic organic solvent.

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Rp 50,000

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Fiber Freaks has provided high-quality innovative wicking materials since 2014. Their products are the result of months of research in collaboration with scientists, health care specialists, manufacturers, and engineers specialised in fibres. 

Processed in contaminant-free conditions, it offers outstanding performance when used in atomisers and offers:

  • A product focused on safety.
  • A product 100% European, with the lowest environmental impact on the market. The fibre in the cellulose used required 80% less land to produce than cotton, 95% less water and has a carbon footprint that is 30% lower.
  • A revolutionary capacity to absorb and vaporise eliquids, ensuring a greater vapour production at a lower coil temperature.
  • Neutrality in terms of flavour delivery, and an absence of flavour retention, allowing the user to switch easily between flavours.
  • A long-lasting product.

Available two densities:

Density 1 is the ‘airy’ version: the user pulls off some fibres and rolls it in a wick shape before threading it into the coil. In this way the fibres are aligned when pulled, offering a better supply of liquid. Great for high wattage, but can be used for any atomiser.
Density 2 is denser and thicker. It has to be cut with scissors in strips and offers fine tuning of the wick. Adapted to every type of atomiser, density 2 keeps its strength through time.

Bag contains four pads that need to be cut in the direction of the fiber along the length of the pad. This is indicated on the bag.

Supplied in a practical and attractive "soft touch" zip-lock pouch.

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