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The Matte Black Copper Sleeve Mod by Limitless Mods is the newest and most revolutionized mod to hit the market. The Matte Black Copper Sleeve Mod by Limitless Mods is a low cost mechanical mod that allows you to change the look and style of your mod with a limitless number of sleeve options. The Matte Black Copper Sleeve Mod by Limitless Mods is an all copper mod with a direct atty to battery connection on the top 510 with 4 venting holes for heat venting. 

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Rp 2,200,000

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The Matte Black Copper Sleeve Mod by Limitless Mods comes with a revolutionary designed button that is recessed and comes with a sturdy stainless steel spring for a smooth button throw. The Matte Black Sleeve Mod by Limitless Mods button design is an innovative mechanism that uses a 4 point rail system for grounding to ensure your button slides up and keeps your contact aligned for proper connection. This new designs ensures proper grounded to eliminate any hot button issues. Another innovative design is the use of a one piece button and contact design. Your button acts as your contact! Reducing the amount of parts and threads reduces the voltage drop ensuring a true hard hitting mod. The Copper Sleeve Mod also comes with an adjustable delrin battery to adjust for different size batteries as well as to protect your battery from shorting making this the Best Matte Black Copper Mod.

The Matte Black Copper Limitless Sleeve Mod Black is one of the newest and most innovative mechanical mods in the market today. Why is it so innovative here are some of the reasons why it is the Best Matte Black Copper Mod:

- Direct To Atty for ultimate conductivity with venting holes on the Matte Black Copper Limitless Mod
- You can change the color of the mod by just changing the sleeve. With quick and easy change you have a basically brand new Mods
- An innovative rail system on the button and the button housing that makes ultimate contact for negative conductivity
- The button is your contact which make the contact the largest contact on the market place.
- Do not run any tanks on the Limitless Mod as it could be dangerous

The Matte Black Copper Limitless Mod, innovative and outperforms the competition because it truly is the Best Copper Mod!!! 

*Due not use with a floating pin atomizer or an atomizer where the copper center post is not exposed below the 510 thread. This can cause a short on the battery. Please inspect all atomizers before use with a hybrid top cap.

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