Nicotine risk information

Using nicotine-free e-liquid poses no danger.

Ingesting e-liquid containing nicotine is very dangerous.

To avoid poisoning, please carefully read the information on the bottle and this information sheet.

- A nicotine overdose can lead to: nausea, palpitations, insomnia, diarrhea, queasiness, dizziness, fainting, vapors, dry mouth, abdominal pain, etc.

- Our advisors team is perfectly trained and can recommend you best about choosing your ideal dosage.

- The use of electronic cigarettes is prohibited to minors and discouraged for pregnant or nursing women, as well as persons subject to any cardiovascular disease.

- Nicotine is highly addictive, which is why we discourage non-smokers from using e-liquid containing nicotine.


What to do in case of poisoning 




Mechanical MOD safety information


Never discharge totally your battery (never below 3.2V)
  • Low tension: the user will feel the drop in voltage caused by the discharge of the battery. The vape will be less powerful (less vapor). The use of large capacity battery is recommended.

The user must be careful to never discharge the battery below 3.2V or it will not recharge (damaged).

Once you feel that the vape is weaker, recharge your battery.

We advise you to check regularly the voltage of your battery with a ohms / voltage meter.


Never overcharge your battery 
  • High tension: the tension should never go over 4.2V. An othercharged battery needs to be changed. That’s why we advise to use Intelligent charger which will automatically stop when the battery is full (Nitecore I2 / I4 / D2 / D4 / UM10 / UM20).


Check the resistance of your atomizer
  • It is advisable to test your resistance before using Mechanical MOD to make sure your battery is fitted with an ohmmeter (Maximum Continuous Discharging current = MCD).


Avoid stacking batteries
  • It is not advised to use two batteries in series (stacked) in a mechanical MOD because you will double the tension and your battery may be damaged (MCD will be insufficient).

There is a risk of explosion. In case of problem, make sure your mechanical MOD has some hole to make the gas of the battery come out and prevent this risk.


Make sure your battery is in good condition
  • If your battery has any damage (the cover is gone or scratched), replace it immediately and stop to use it or buy a new battery wraps if possible.


 Do not reverse the polarity
  • Do not reverse the polarity of the battery when installing into the mechanical MOD.

The negative part must be at the bottom of the MOD and the positive part close to your atomizer.


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